Todays Business environment requires everyone to have versatile capacity of carrying out any activity effectively. Appropriate training Programs will equip an individual and team to stand in every situation.
Each one will benefit from training on the subtle art of managing themselves and others better. We teach skills using examples, scenarios, games, and assessments. Entry level programs typically focus on basic skills whereas advanced programs tackle higher-level skills using complex decision-making elements. Training will help to improve upon leadership skills ,time management area, will be able to Communicate across all levels of your organization in better way

We will help you to build training program to achive Unlearning,Learning, and Re Learning in personal life as well as in professional life.

Executives attending our programs will benefit in the following ways:

  1. They will be exposed to quality inputs which are tested, yet contemporary
  2. Programs are designed to improve performance and potential.
  3. Methodology used in the programs will engage the participants thus enhancing their understanding and retention of inputs. Exercises, role-plays, case studies, extensive discussions, films and assessments will be used to spur interaction.
  4. Choice of faculty will lend a unique flavour to the programs thus ensuring perspective, relevance and value.
  5. Programs offer an invigorating and motivating experience for participants thus enhancing employee engagement for their respective organizations

Duration of programs typically ranges from 1-2 days. An emphasis on skills will require 3 days.

Training programs on offer:

Basic Programs: Communication, Presentation, Listening, E-mail Etiquettes, Business Etiquettes, Conflict Management, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Stress Management

Advanced Programs: Team Building, Leadership, Mentoring, Selling Skills, Customer Service, Performance Management, Train-the Trainer, Management Development Programs for High Fliers, Managerial Effectiveness, Personal Growth & Branding, Consulting Skills and Creativity & Innovation